About us

Since 2004 we are selling bullion products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The current precious metal bull market as well as the ever expanding global debt and finance crisis are both an impressive testimony to our decision to make physical gold and silver accessible to retail customers. Back then silver and gold prices were a far cry away from where there are now.

Ever since then, however, we were striving to keep our customers informed about the developments on the global commodity markets through regular newsletters. We wanted investors to be in the unique positions to be perfectly informed and having access to a broad range of bullion products to put said knowledge to good use – with great success!

Our product catalogue now features hundreds of products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium – both coins and bars. We are highly connected to the international precious metals market which enables us to offer you all our products at current intermarket prices. You couldn’t find a certain product? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee authenticity, weight and precious metal content for all ours products. Above all else we only sell bullion products directly obtained from their respective mints and refiners or their officially licensed distributors.

Silberling is located in Bavaria, Germany, but does not limit its business to this traditional market. Very soon we realized that not all countries are fortunate enough to have professional bullion dealers offering fair prices. Tax and availability issue for many products were another reasons foreign customers contacted us from the earliest time. That is why we opened our online shop to the international market with attractive shipping costs to a broad range of countries (see: shipping & payment for international customers).

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