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In 1535, the viceroy Antonio e Mendoza arrived in New Spain carrying a royal charter in which the Spanish Crown decreed the creation of the first mint in America.

The Mexican Mint is a decentralized agency of the federal government having legal capacity and its own assets.

In 1983, the San Luis Potosí production plant started its operations. Up to the present time, coins are minted there in order to reduce production costs vis à vis the escalating demand both in Mexico and in some foreign countries. The offices of the Mexican Mint are located in Mexico City, on Paseo de la Reforma avenue.

Its main responsibility is the minting of legal tender coins in the country, according to the characteristics and denominations established by the decrees issued by the Mexican Congress and the guidelines set forth by the Banco de México.

For three and a half centuries, silver and gold minted by the Mint of Mexico, were the basis of money circulating in the country and became an export product. The manufacturing quality and extensive circulation coin in the world, gave the Mexico Mint, presence and international prestige remains to this day.

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